EnerSys 12V 12Amp Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid Battery

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Product ID22032
category:EnerSys Batteries
type:Sealed Lead Acid
manufacturers code:NP12-12 - AVPA36
weight4006 (g)
dimensions (h x w x d)97.5 x 98 x 151 (mm)
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Also known as: BP12-12, GP12120, DN12-12, S312/12 SR, FG21201, FG21202, HGL12-12, PE12V12, HZS12-12, WP12-12, ES12-12, LC-RA1212P, PM 12-12, PS-12120, Rt12120, A512/10S, SB12-10, SB12-12, SB12-14, UL12-12, UC12-12, CP12120, NP12-12, Y12-12.

Features and benefits include:
-3-5 year life gives you a long lasting battery.
-Quality tested by an independant tester, EnerSys batteries are UL recognized
-Operates in any position, this battery can even be used upside down giving you the versatility to use it anywhere.
-The high quality construction and method used for sealing this battery ensures no leakage from the case or terminals.
-Holds 97 of charge after 1 month and 85 of charge after 6 months, a great advantage as the battery will still have a lot of charge after not being used for a while.

Typical applications include:
-Cable television
-Communications/radio equipment
-Computer backup
-Emergency lighting
-Power tools
-Security/fire alarm systems
-Solar Powered Systems
-Toys and models
-Medical equipment
-Remote telemetry