Getting Ready for Festival Season

With the clocks now having gone forward, we all can start to feel like summer is on its way!  And with that comes the season of festivals.  Be it Glastonbury or V Festival, this is where batteries can come into their own.  From torches and headlights to clocks and even hair straighteners, batteries are an essential item on your packing list when camping.


If you are someone who often looses their tent, there are even GPS trackers on the market that will help you find your way back!  A great little gadget that will help you to find your way back in the vast sea of tents.

 Even if you are not a festival fan, but love camping, these items are still essential for you.  A great idea are the head torches, essential for those midnight loo runs!  Another essential these days are the portable power packs for charging your mobile phone on the go.  We offer one that will charge your phone up to 4 times from one charge.

GP Powerbank

We offer a full range of batteries, chargers and torches to help you on your way.  So have a look at our website to see what you need.  Don’t forget that we are always here for help and support if you are not sure which batteries you need to just drop us a line and we will be here to help.


So let’s get the season under way and enjoy the festivals of 2014.

Check Your Batteries Day

Do you know the last time you checked your batteries in your important devices?

Are you someone who puts things off until tomorrow? 


Well Sunday 9th March 2014 is OFFICIAL ‘Check Your Batteries Day’ so get checking them.  We all know that it’s not a glamorous task, but one that could save your life (Well in certain devices anyway!)


How many things in your home are powered by batteries?  Some are more important than others, but it is certainly best to have a spare in some of these cases:


Smoke Alarm

House Alarm


Cordless phone

Telly remotes

Car key fob

Door bell

Heart rate monitors


Digital Cameras

Blood pressure cuffs


And of course… the kids toys!


The list could go on, but this should give you a good idea of where to get started.  If you are not sure which batteries you need, just send us an email and we will be happy to help.  We have years of experience at Budget Batteries so email us today if you are not sure.

Most expensive gadgets!

One thing about gadgets I have learnt is that they can be expensive!  So I decided to go and have a look to see what I could buy when I win the lottery.  You know the days when you just want to dream!  So here is a selection of the best of what I found for when you are filthy rich.  Also, don’t forget, there’s nothing electronic that can’t be encrusted with diamonds or plated in gold.  So when you are looking for bling, you can buy anything and bling it up.   

201 Carat Chopard watch $25 000 000 don’t forget the watch battery…..

expensive gadget


Flying car $350 000 as everyone needs one of these!

flying car

My personal favourite has to be the BBQ Boat $50 000

bbq boat


Magnetic floating bed….amazing! $1.6 million.

magnetic bed


Flyboarding jet pack hahaha I love this how much fun for a mear $99 500 (not forgetting that you would also need a jet ski!)

jet pack



So if your startup makes it big, or you hit the lottery, here’s your ultimate buying guide for your new fancy-schmancy life. Or is there something else that you would buy.

Who Cares About Batteries?

Consider the humble battery, not the most exciting subject in the world, it can’t really compete with the Olympics or the World Cup certainly, but consider a world without these small, often neglected little guys.

So many gadgets use batteries and without them what would we do?

Laptops, Tablets and mobile phones – Probably the most modern of the list, these devices have become a must have in today’s society, without their battery what would we do with them? We certainly wouldn’t be able to carry over 100 books on one slim gadget, or play the most popular games.


Remote Controls – Not just for the television these days, all those games consoles would be sat on a shelf with nothing to do with out the remote. Many modern cars come with a handy little button on the fob to make it easier to open the door when you are laden with all those shopping bags, children or both.

“Plane, Trains and Automobiles” – Talking of cars, imagine a world without those wonderful four wheeled contraptions, where horse power was the name of game for those who could afford it, for the “man on the street” that usually meant walking from A to B, onwards to C and then back to A again. Without the Lead Acid Batteries, as well as the newer, lighter Lithium battery travel would be a totally different experience today.

Digital Watches – With the launch of the first “digital” watch time keeping was revolutionised, no need to wind the watch up, hopefully before it stopped completely and we had to run around trying to find a clock with the correct time, just flip your wrist and there the time was, displayed on a back lit screen. For the old-school among us even the watches with hands are now powered by batteries.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors – Quite possibly two of the most important safety devices in the household, these detectors have saved many lives, although usually hardwired into the electricity in newer buildings, they do need a “back-up” battery. We’ve all seen and heard the adverts showing what could happen if they don’t work, stay safe and check (and change) those batteries regularly.


MP3 Players – These days usually found as an app on our mobile phones, being able to take our music, or pod-casts with us is now something we take for granted. Having a party in the park, or on the beach used to consist of either taking musicians with you, or singing acapella style. Now there are some who think this is not necessarily a move in the right direction, who remembers the time of the “boombox”? Holding the radio and cassette tape player on one shoulder with the music playing at full volume, at least now the earphones, as well as the device, are more discreet.

Children’s Toys – We reach the biggest user of batteries, just think what Christmas and Birthdays would be like without those noisy toys most people seem to buy for other parent’s children. Children would have to make noise with the boxes, or the pans out of the cupboard. Now with a push of a button their favourite toy comes to life, lights, music, little moving pictures, keeping them enthralled for, well minutes usually. Even books these days are interactive, with voices or sound effects for each page of the story.

All these gadgets and more would not be possible without the humble battery, technology is making it possible for batteries to become smaller and more effective. So next time you think, “Who cares about batteries?” remember how different things would be without them.